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Brown, William Montgomery.

The Bankruptcy of Christian Supernaturalism [Three Volumes of 7]

The Bankruptcy of Christian Supernaturalism [Three Volumes of 7]

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Galion, Ohio: Bradford-Brown Educational Co, 1931-1934. 1st ed. Volumes 1, 3 & 5 only (of 7 volumes): illustrations, portrait; 20 cm; approx. 100 pp per volume. Overall very good(-) to good(+)\. Paperback.

Contents: v. 1. The Trial.--v. 3. History.--v. 5. The Bible. / "William Montgomery Brown (1855–1937), often known as "Bad Bishop" Brown, was an American Episcopal bishop, religious writer, and later a controversial figure due to his embrace of communism. Born in Orrville, Ohio, Brown was ordained as a priest in the Episcopal Church in 1883. He served as the Bishop of Arkansas from 1899 to 1911, and then as the Bishop of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, from 1913 to 1925. Brown's religious views began to shift dramatically in the 1920s. He became disillusioned with Christianity and began to embrace atheism and communism. In 1920, he published "Communism and Christianism," a book in which he renounced his faith and declared his support for communism. This led to a heresy trial in 1925, and he was deposed from the ministry of the Episcopal Church. After his deposition, Brown became even more outspoken in his support for communism. He wrote several more books and pamphlets on the subject, and he was known for his fiery speeches and public appearances. In 1935, he was indicted for sedition for his pro-communist activities, but he was acquitted at trial. Brown's radical views and controversial actions made him a divisive figure, both during his lifetime and in the years since his death. He remains a notable figure in the history of American religion and politics.""

Brown, William Montgomery, 1855-1937. Episcopal Church -- Controversial literature. Episcopal Church.

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