About Us

Bibliope is a venture of Calvello Books, which showcases our more interesting, offbeat, and noteworthy material. A bibliophile since childhood, Michael Calvello worked in secondhand & antiquarian bookshops in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Bolerium Books, Libros Latinos, Maelstrom Books, and Diluvian Books. Along with Alan Green, he co-developed the popular desktop cataloging software, BookHound.

Michael is a passionate reader, writer and researcher. He has a background in the Arts, and holds a Master's of Library & Information Science from the University of Texas at Austin, with emphases in History of the Book, Bibliography, and Manuscript Traditions. For several years he owned Owl & Company Bookshop in Oakland. He enjoys making music, being a dad, sailing, walking, and developing new languages.

 A bibliope is a paper-eating, text-digesting, ink-imbibing antelope of hyper-literate dimensions.