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Թումանյան, Հովհաննես ' Tʻumanyan (Tumanyan, Toumanian), Hovhannes



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Yerevan: Louys Publishing House, 1985. Large quarto in glossy color illus paper-backed baords; 135 pages: color illustrations; 27 cm. Near fine with very faint rubbing to a few corners. Hardcover.

Uncommon. English translation of Сказки (or Skazki, transliterated). ¶ Contents: Nazar the Brave -- The Handless Girl -- Lazy Hoory -- The Miller-King -- The Happy Cobbler -- The Big Pot of Gold -- The Paradise Flower -- The Carnival -- The Hunter That Lied -- Unlucky Panoss -- The Death of Kikos -- The Foolish Man -- Two Brothers -- The Liar -- Brother Axe -- The Master and the Labourer -- The Invincible Cock -- The Talking Fish -- Travellers -- Black Kiddy 00 The Fox That Lost Its Tail -- The Sparrow. ¶ 

"Hovhannes Tumanyan (Armenian: Հովհաննես Թումանյան, classical spelling: Յովհաննէս Թումանեան, 1869 – 1923) was an Armenian poet, writer, translator, and literary and public activist. He is the national poet of Armenia. Tumanyan wrote poems, quatrains, ballads, novels, fables, and critical and journalistic articles. His works were mostly written in the style of realism, frequently revolving around the everyday life of his time. Born in the historical village of Dsegh in the Lori region, at a young age Tumanyan moved to Tiflis, which was the centre of Armenian culture under the Russian Empire during the 19th and early 20th centuries. He soon became known to the wide Armenian society for his simple but very poetic works. Many films and animated films have been adapted from Tumanyan's works. Two operas, Anush (1912) by Armen Tigranian and Almast (1930) by Alexander Spendiaryan, were written based on his works.".

Folk literature, Armenian. Tales. Littérature populaire arménienne. Children's stories, Armenian. Folk literature, Armenian. Folk tales. Folk tales. Contes. Class Descriptors: LC: PZ8.1.T748; PK8548.T67 Responsibility: Hovhannes Toumanian; illustrated by V. Mandakouny. Material Type: Fiction (fic); Juvenile (no specific ages) (jau) Թումանյան, Հովհաննես, 1869-1923. Tʻumanyan, Hovhannes, 1869-1923, author. Mandakouny, V., illustrator. Darbinian, A., translator.

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