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Ngugi wa Thiongo = Ngũgĩ wa Thiongʼo

Petals of Blood

Petals of Blood

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Harare, Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Pub. House, 1989 (1977). Third printing of the Zimbabwean edition. Octavo 344 pages; 19 cm. Near fine with gentle external wear. Tight and clean within. Pages toned as per usual (paperstock). Paperback.

The uncommon (in US) Zimbabwe edition. Writers Series; 9. / Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o, born in 1938, is a globally celebrated Kenyan writer and scholar, whose novels, plays, and essays have profoundly shaped postcolonial literature. His early works, including "Weep Not, Child" and "A Grain of Wheat," were written in English, but he later made the groundbreaking decision to write in his native Gikuyu language. This shift, epitomized in his novel "Devil on the Cross," written in Gikuyu during his imprisonment for political activism, sparked a global conversation about language and postcolonial identity. Beyond his literary contributions, Ngũgĩ has had a distinguished academic career, teaching at universities worldwide. His critical essays and books, such as "Decolonising the Mind," are cornerstone texts in postcolonial studies. Ngũgĩ's work, with its exploration of colonialism's effects on African societies and its advocacy for cultural and political change, continues to captivate readers, making his books a must-read for those interested in global literature.

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