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Winston, Henry.

Negro-White Unity: Key to Full Equality, Negro Representation, Economic Advance of Labor, Black and White

Negro-White Unity: Key to Full Equality, Negro Representation, Economic Advance of Labor, Black and White

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New York, N.Y: New Outlook Publishers, 1967. Octavo in black and white printed, staple wraps; 31 pages: portrait; 20 cm. "Erratum" slip inserted. Minor partial crease and curl to bottom front corner; else tight anc clean. Very good(+). Paperback.

"The pamphlet contains the text of a report presented to a meeting of the National Committee, CPUSA, December 6, 1966"--Page 2. // Contents: The new offensive of racism: -- Portrait of a racist -- A dangerous trend -- The assault on Powell- anti-Negro, anti-labor -- Labor-Negro unity against racism: -- "White backlash"- weapon of reaction -- Labor- the key link -- Unity at the point of production -- Meany's line -- The common foe- monopoly -- Negro freedom and Vietnam: -- Two basic concepts -- The 'Freedom budget" and the fight for peace -- The Negro American Labor Council: -- A dual role -- Approach to white workers -- The 1966 elections: -- For a Negro-labor electoral alliance -- Negro representation- still to be won -- Prepare now for 1968 -- The "Black Power" slogan and negro unity: -- Meaning of "Black Power" -- Confusions and distortions -- "Crisis and commitment": a line of appeasement -- Restricting the struggle- Jackie Robinson's program -- "Equal rights" and "Equal power" -- A defense of reaction -- National pride vs. Nationalism -- The Community Party and the Negro people. ¶ Racism -- United States. Communism -- United States. African Americans Noirs américains. Racisme -- États-Unis. Communisme -- États-Unis. African American. Communism. African Americans. Race relations. Racism. Conference papers and proceedings. Conference papers and proceedings. Actes de congrès. // "Henry Winston (1911–1986) was an African American political leader, author, and chairman of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) from 1966 until his death in 1986. Born in Mississippi, Winston left school at an early age to work in coal mines and later became involved in the labor movement. He joined the Young Communist League in 1931 and the Communist Party in 1933. He quickly rose through the ranks and was elected to the National Committee in 1936. During World War II, Winston was drafted into the army but was later court-martialed and imprisoned for his political beliefs. After his release, he continued his work with the Communist Party and was elected chairman in 1966. Winston was also an author who wrote about a variety of topics, including race, class, and the history of the Communist Party. His works include "Strategy for a Black Agenda" (1973), "Class, Race, and Black Liberation" (1977), and "The Meaning of San Francisco" (1984)."

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