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Brown, Fredric; Edelmann, Heinz.

Mitkey Astromouse

Mitkey Astromouse

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New York ; H. Quist, 1971. Folio in offwhite illus boards; 30 unnumbered pages color illustrations 33 cm.. Boards moderately soiled, else tight and clean within. Lacks jacket. Hardcover. ISBN: 0825200733; 9780825200731

Wild, colorful and very imaginative full-paged illustrations with captions. Here-and-there book from Harlin Quist; [series].After his visit with advanced beings in space, a mouse returns to earth with a master plan to better the lives of all mice.

American writer Fredric Brown (1906-1972) distinguished himself in both science fiction and mystery. His debut mystery novel, "The Fabulous Clipjoint" (1947), earned the Edgar Award for its outstanding contribution to the genre. Brown later shifted focus to science fiction, penning notable short stories like "Arena" (1944), adapted into a Star Trek episode, and the humorously inventive novel "Martians, Go Home" (1955). Known for his brevity, wit, and frequent use of twist endings, Brown excelled in the short-short form, crafting stories typically under 2,000 words. His significant influence on both the science fiction and mystery genres endures...." . . . "Heinz Edelmann (1934-2009), a German illustrator and designer, is best known for his art direction on the Beatles' animated film "Yellow Submarine" (1968). His distinctive psychedelic style, characterized by bold colors and imaginative shapes, helped define the visual culture of the 1960s. Beyond "Yellow Submarine," Edelmann's career spanned a variety of mediums, including book illustration, advertising, and teaching. He served as a professor of illustration at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences until his death in 2009. His innovative and vibrant work continues to inspire artists and designers.— Bing

Mice -- Fiction. Science fiction. Souris -- Romans, nouvelles, etc. pour la jeunesse. Mice. Picture books for children. novels. Picture books. Fiction. Juvenile works. Fiction. Novels. Romans. Brown, Fredric, 1906-1972, author. Edelmann, Heinz, 1934-2009. Fiction (fic); Juvenile (no specific ages) (jau)

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