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Cagigas, Isidro de las

Los Mozarabes. Tomo II. La Cuestion Mozarabe Y El Califato Andaluz

Los Mozarabes. Tomo II. La Cuestion Mozarabe Y El Califato Andaluz

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Madrid: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Instituto de Estudios Africanos, 1948. Tomo II only (of two volumes total) pages 297-588; 22 cm; bibliographical references. Ex-library with minimal institutional markings; unopened leaves; wraps lighlty soiled. Binding tight. Very good thus. Paperback.

In Spanish. Bookplate of the Hoover Library. Part of: Minorías Etnico-Religiosas de la Edad Media Española,; 1-2. [series].

Tomo I comprises: La España Musulmana y el Problema Mozárabe

"The term "Mozarabs" refers to the Christian communities that lived under Muslim rule in Al-Andalus, the region of the Iberian Peninsula that was controlled by the Moors from the 8th to the 15th centuries. The word "Mozarab" comes from the Arabic term "Musta'rab," meaning "Arabized," as these communities adopted certain aspects of Arabic language and culture while maintaining their Christian faith. Mozarabs developed a unique culture that was a blend of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish influences. They used the Arabic language for both everyday communication and liturgical purposes, developed a distinctive style of art and architecture known as Mozarabic, and maintained a version of the Christian liturgy known as the Mozarabic Rite. The Mozarabs played an important role in the cultural and intellectual life of Al-Andalus. They served as translators, scholars, and intermediaries between the Muslim and Christian worlds, and they contributed to the rich cultural exchange that characterized this period of history. Despite facing periods of persecution and pressure to convert to Islam, the Mozarabs managed to preserve their Christian faith and identity throughout the centuries of Muslim rule. Their legacy can be seen in the unique blend of cultural influences that characterizes the history and culture of Spain and Portugal today" —Wiki

Mozarabes. Mozarabs. Mozarabs Spain -- History -- 711-1516. Spain. Spain -- History -- 711-1516

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