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Bayona, Arturo; Adriana de Castro

Laguna Miramar: Vida y Experiencias

Laguna Miramar: Vida y Experiencias

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México: Inquietudes, 1994. 1a. ed (stated). Octaov in colro pictorial wrapsl 247 pages: maps; b&w photos reproductions; 21 cm Fine with faint edge-wear. Paperback.

In Spanish. Uncommon. Authors lived in the Laguna Miramar area. This is a record of the experiences and observaions. Chiapas, Mexico; Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve ; Lacandon Jungle. "One of the most biologically diverse and ecologically significant areas in the country. Laguna Miramar is renowned for its clear blue waters, surrounded by lush tropical rainforest. The region is home to a variety of wildlife, including numerous bird species, mammals, and reptiles, making it a prime destination for ecotourism and nature enthusiasts. The lake itself is relatively large and features several small islands and rocky outcrops, adding to its scenic beauty. The area is also culturally significant, with indigenous Lacandon Maya communities living nearby, preserving their traditional ways of life and contributing to the region's rich cultural heritage. Access to Laguna Miramar typically involves a journey through the jungle, often requiring a combination of road travel and hiking or boat trips, emphasizing its remote and pristine nature."

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