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Kieran, John; Kredel, Fritz. (illus).

John Kieran's Nature Notes

John Kieran's Nature Notes

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New York, Doubleday, Doran & Co., Inc, 1941. First ed. (stated). 112 pages color illustrations 20 cm. Illustrated t.p. in colors. One illustration per animal or plant. Fine in Fine(-) jacket in archival mylar. Hardcover. ISBN: 0836910877; 9780836910872

A lovely copy. Contents: Queen Anne's Lace -- The Mourning Cloak butterfly -- The Great Crested Flycatcher -- Hummingbirds -- The Flowering Dogwood -- Nuthatches -- Bumblebees -- Whales -- The Catalpa -- The Paulownia -- Siskins and Redpolls -- The woodcock -- Old Squaw Duck -- Oaks -- Ducks -- Moths and butterflies -- The Black Eyed Susan -- The Kingbird -- The Fringed Gentian -- The Wild Mandrake -- The beaver -- The bear -- Flying squirrels -- Black Skimmers and woodchucks -- Bougainvillea -- The Show't'l -- Prairie Dogs, owls and Rattlesnakes -- Dragonflies -- Chickadees in winter -- Jenny Wren -- Chimney Swifts -- Mushrooms and toadstools -- Polar bears -- The white daisy -- The Water Ouzel -- The Black Crowned Night Heron -- The Fish Hawk or Osprey -- The Long Billed Marsh Wren -- Hawks in general -- Herons, blue and white -- The witch hazel -- The Painted Lady -- The oldest tree -- The rubber tree -- Rudy Turnstones -- The Scarlet Tanager -- Herbal cures -- Drinking habits -- Franklin's Gull -- The sunflower. ¶ 

"John Kieran (1892–1981) was an American author, journalist, and naturalist. He is best known for his work as a sports columnist and for his appearances on the radio quiz show "Information Please." Kieran started his career as a reporter and sports columnist for The New York Times, where he covered a wide range of sports and became known for his knowledgeable and witty writing style. He later became a panelist on the radio quiz show "Information Please," where his wide-ranging knowledge and quick wit made him a popular figure. In addition to his work in journalism and radio, Kieran was also a noted naturalist. He wrote several books on nature and natural history, including "Footnotes on Nature," "A Natural History of New York City," and "John Kieran's Treasury of Great Nature Writing." His love of nature and his ability to convey complex scientific concepts in an accessible and engaging way helped to popularize nature study and environmental awareness. Kieran's contributions to journalism, radio, and nature writing have left a lasting legacy. His work continues to be appreciated for its depth of knowledge, its humor, and its ability to bring the natural world to life for readers and listeners."

Natural history. Guidebooks. Plants Animals Nature. Kieran, John, 1892-1981. Kredel, Fritz, 1900-1973, illustrator.

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