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Rule, Jane

Inland Passage

Inland Passage

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Tallahassee, Florida: The Naiad Press, Inc, 1985. First edition (stated). 273 pages; 22 cm. Fine hardcover. No jacket, as issued. Hardcover. ISBN: 0930044584

Contents: Dulce -- His nor Hers -- The real world -- Joy -- A matter of numbers -- One can of soup at a time -- A chair for George -- Seaweed and song -- Musical beds -- A migrant Christmas -- You cannot judge a pumpkin's happiness by the smile upon its face -- More than money -- The investment years -- A good kid in a troubled world -- Slogans -- The end of summer -- The pruning of the apple trees -- Inland passage -- Blessed are the dead -- Power failure -- Puzzle.

"Why does Dulce have so profound an impact on the artistic lives around her? A lesbian has ended her conventional marriage and is free - or is she? In the most traditional of romantic settings, on board a ship that travels the Inland Passage, two women discover new possibility ... These and many other soul-deep, gentle tales explore the conventional and unconventional relationships in all our lives - relationships among lovers and friends and wives and husbands and children and family ... and the power we all have to sometimes damage, sometimes ennoble those around us'—rear board.

"Jane Rule (1931–2007) was a Canadian writer and academic best known for her contributions to lesbian literature. Born in the United States but a long-time resident of Canada, Rule gained international fame with her first novel, "Desert of the Heart," published in 1964. The novel was groundbreaking for its time, offering a nuanced and sympathetic portrayal of a lesbian relationship, and it was later adapted into the film "Desert Hearts" in 1985. Rule's work often explored themes of identity, sexuality, and societal norms, challenging conventional narratives about love and relationships. She was not just a novelist but also a prolific essayist who wrote on a range of topics, including censorship, feminism, and gay rights. Her essays were often marked by a keen analytical mind and a commitment to social justice. In addition to her literary achievements, Rule was an influential figure in the LGBTQ+ community, advocating for gay rights and serving as a mentor to younger writers. She lived openly as a lesbian at a time when doing so was fraught with social risks, and her courage in this regard made her a pioneering figure in the history of LGBTQ+ literature. Her legacy is that of a writer who used her craft to explore complex human emotions and relationships, and as an activist who stood up for the rights and dignity of marginalized communities."—Bing

Lesbiennes -- Romans, nouvelles, etc. Lesbian fiction.

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