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Peck, Abe; Rice, Suzy.

Dancing Madness

Dancing Madness

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New York: Anchor Press, 1976. 1st ed (stated). 144 pages: illustrations; 21 cm. Very fine unread copy. Paperback. ISBN: 0385114788; 9780385114783

Presumably very scarce in such fine condition. A survey of the disco scene straight out of the 70s. Lots of worthwhile photos and trivia. Much on various musical artists associated with disco, including many obscure and lesser-known. Author/editor Abe Peck is known for his work in the field of journalism and his contributions to the counterculture press. He served as the editor-in-chief of the Chicago Seed, an underground newspaper active from 1967 to 1974 that covered countercultural topics such as the anti-war movement, civil rights, and alternative lifestyles. Peck was also a professor at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University for many years, where he taught courses on magazine editing and writing. He has written extensively about the role of the underground press in the United States, and his book "Uncovering the Sixties: The Life and Times of the Underground Press" is considered a seminal work on the subject. / Disco music, Discotheques. Sound recording libraries. Discothèques. Danses de société. Discothèques (Dancings) discotheques. United States. Ballroom dancing. Discotheques. Dance music, Disco bands,

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