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葛飾為齋; Isai Katsushika

花鳥山水・細画圖式. 五編 / Kachō Sansui Saiga Zushiki. 5-Hen

花鳥山水・細画圖式. 五編 / Kachō Sansui Saiga Zushiki. 5-Hen

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Japan: 須原屋茂兵衞 ... [and 3 others] : 山城屋佐兵衞板, Edo, Keiō 2 [1866] / Suharaya Mohē ... [and 3 others] : Yamashiroya Sahē han, Edo, Keiō 2, Keiō 2 [1866]. Oblong stiff paper wrapsl 26 leaves: all illustrations (woodcuts); 13 x 18 cm. In a custom clamshell box in fine condition. c Minor wear and crinkling to front wrap; rear wrap and stitching appears later than date of publication. Paperback.

Charming back and white wood block prints depicintg nature and human-nature interaction, including fishing. A humorous bent. Volume 5 only of perhaps five volumes total. Scarce. "Katsushika Isai (1821-80) was Ukiyo-e painter and printmaker. Born in Edo. Studied under Katsushika Hokusai (1760- 1849), who lived for some time in his house. In the 1860s made several prints designed for sale to the Western market. Specialized in genre painting and portraiture. His style very close to that of Hokusai. (Roberts. Laurence P. A Dictionary of Japanese Artists, Weatherhill, New York: 1976) / Nature in Art. Nature.

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